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Divi MadMenu Sneak Peek: The Most Advanced Divi Menu Module Coming Soon!

by | Jun 8, 2020 | 24 comments

Since the introduction of the Divi Theme Builder I have been asked many times by the users of my menu plugins – the Divi Mobile Menu Customizer(MMC) and Divi Desktop Menu Customizer(DMC) – if they can be used to create menus using the Theme Builder.

Unfortunately, my answer was always “No” because these two menu plugins were built to serve a different need – they allow customizing Divi theme’s native(or default) header in Theme Customizer.

So, in this post I would like to present the new Divi menu module I have been working on for the last couple of months – the Divi MadMenu, which will be launching soon (subscribe to get notified).

The Divi MadMenu module allows creating headers using the Divi Theme Builder, and here is a brief demonstration of some of the features I’ve already implemented.

UPDATE: Divi MadMenu has been released! View the full list of features and the live demos here.


Please note that the MadMenu module IS NOT a replacement for the MMC and DMC plugins, you can use any/all of these products depending on your needs.

Header Elements

The MadMenu module allows you to add six different elements to your menu: Logo(image), Menu, Search, Cart and two CTA buttons (Button One and Button Two). You can also control the visibility of each element for all devices.

Fixed Header Styling

You can make your menu fixed (nothing new here because this is a standart Divi feature already) but MadMenu also allows you to apply a completely different styling to your fixed menu.

Each element has two identical sets of design options: one for the normal menu and the other one for the fixed menu. This includes spacing, sizing, colors, font options, etc.

To design your fixed menu you need to enable the Fixed Header then switch to the Fixed Header Mode and design it visually.

Flexible Header Layout

I didn’t add any predefined menu layouts but instead wanted to make the menu layout more flexible.

So, the menu elements can be re-arranged anyway you want. And you can do that differently for Desktop, Tablet and Phone in just a few clicks.


One of the main goals I pursued when developing the MadMenu module is to make it’s layout responsive as much as possible.

You can add all six elements to your desktop menu and thanks to the available set of design options each of the elements can be designed in a such a way that all elements will fit nicely into smaller devices headers too and still remain fully functional.

Custom Menu Breakpoint

If you want to enable the mobile menu on desktop or disable it alltogether to have the horizontal menu on all devices, you can do that easily with the MadMenu module thanks to the Menu Breakpoint feature it comes with.

The Menu Breakpoint feature also helps avoid a situation when the horizontal(desktop) menu items start wrapping to the next line because there isn’t enough space for them to remain on the same line on smaller desktop screens.

You can easily set any breakpoint depending on your menu design.

Collapse Mobile Submenus

Collapsing the mobile menu submenus is certainly among the most demanded by Divi users mobile menu features.

The MadMenu module allows you to make the submenus collapsible and choose to keep the parent item links clickable or disabled.

Also you can enable the Accordion Mode for the collapsed submenus which allows to have only one submenu of the same level to be opened at a time.

Assign Different Menus for Desktop and Mobile Devices

This feature allows you to assign different menus to all three devices: Desktop, Tablet and Phone.

For example, you may want to have a simple menu structure for Phone and more complex menus for Tablet and Desktop.

To do that simply create different menus “optimized” for each device on Appearance->Menus page and assign them to corresponding devices.

What’s next?

This is not the complete list of available features, there are various other “bells & whistles” that are not mentioned here and the Layout settings are still in the works which will make the menu layout even more flexible.

And there are many other features planned to be added to future versions of the module.

Please let me know what you think of the MadMenu module, I appreciate your feedback. Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below or contact me directly.

And subscribe if you want to get notified when the MadMenu module is released (you’ll also get these nice freebies after confirming your email address).

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