10 New Mobile Menu Animations Coming Soon with the MMC plugin for Divi.

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Update(31.03.2017): The Mobile Menu Customizer plugin v1.3 has been released, find out more details here.

By default Divi theme mobile menu is sliding down and up when you open and close it and currently there are no any alternative animations provided by the theme for mobile menu. This was one of the most popular feature requests I’ve been receiving from the users of Mobile Menu Customizer plugin and I decided to impelement it in v1.3 of the plugin. Last time it was gradients feature (v1.2) and now I am glad to provide a sneak peek at the upcoming release of the v1.3 of Mobile Menu Customizer plugin for Divi which will introduce 10 new animations for mobile menu applicable to Default, Centered and Centered Inline Logo header formats. I implemented animations that already come with Divi theme and available for desktop dropdown menu (but not the mobile menu) and included a few new ones, e.g. Shrink and Lightspeed and also there is a No Animation choice. Each animation type comes with in- and out- versions and you can make any pair combinations out of all available choices.

Animations settings can be accessed by going to Divi -> Theme Customizer -> Mobile Menu Customizer -> Animations.

Watch the quick preview below to see the new animations in action.

The MMC plugin is available for purchase in our online store, check for more details here.

This update is coming soon, and there will be more updates in the future, so consider subscribing to stay connected!

All your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, feel free to leave them below.

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